Formerly known as MASTER SWAMI, a moniker bestowed upon him by the Wu-Tang Name Generator,

SWAMI SOUND invites his audience into a space of honesty and introspection through his self produced and self written music.


In a place where talents of all crafts hustle to the bone to make their voices heard, NYC born-and-raised SWAMI SOUND explores his own mind-frame through a self-produced sonic scape akin to experimental R&B. 


With inspirations that span from the early works of vocalists like Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK) to the future-forward experimental productions of Panda Bear (Animal Collective), finally arriving at the sonic storytelling and moodiness of Kid Cudi, SWAMI SOUND fuses elements of the music they value most into something of their own.


Clad with production and mixing credits as well as guest appearances, the young producer-songwriter is ready to give the stage a piece of himself as the frontman of his solo project.

SWAMI SOUND is currently in the process of writing their sophomore project, At Night, an extension of his debut project In The Morning.

Press kit photos by Saskia de Borchgrave of Holyrad Studio