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"not a monolith, just is what it is."

Bronx born, New York based producer-songwriter Marcus Harley offers a sonic scape that serves as a plane of versatility under the moniker Swami Sound.


Quickly learning Ableton Live in his early years at university, Swami became widely known amongst his peers for eclectic beats, crisp mixing style and undeniable collaborations. 

His three-song, multi-genre project In The Morning represents the insatiable, refreshing feeling he gets during morning-time; woven by his ability to write songs and backed by his knack for mixing and mastering music.

Harley is an NYU graduate and has engineered at WNYU 89.1FM. As Swami Sound, he has produced for musicians such as MOZIAH, Murielle, mau and other local New York talents. Following his university years, he's contributed as mix engineer for two film scores including Christian Ghosn's thesis film Violent Nights, which has screened in various festivals.

His third project, It Is What It Istitled in homage to a viral video circulating around Kenyan Twitter, is a collection of works inspired by Swami’s trip to Nairobi where he collaborated with various Kenyan artists including mau, Mr. LU*, Chevy Kev, and more. Sonically, the project pulls from various styles of music such as UK Garage, Hypnagogic Pop, Afrobeats, and more all while adding his signature sound. 


The EP serves not as a reshaping of African musical narratives, but as an example of the unbridled versatility of Kenyan artists. By showcasing the undisputed talents of his collaborators, Swami offers the EP as a staple of his timeless connections between himself, Nairobi, and his contemporaries abroad.

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