Bronx born, New York based producer-songwriter Marcus Harley offers a type of sound derivative of musicians he listened to and had been inspired by prior to becoming Swami Sound.


Quickly learning Ableton Live in his early years at university, Swami became widely known amongst his peers for his eclectic beats, mixing styles and undeniable collaborations. 

His three-song, multi-genre debut project In The Morning represents the insatiable, refreshing feeling he gets during morning-time; woven by his ability to write songs and backed by his knack for mixing and mastering music.


Swami's debut project In The Morning features the collaborative talents of Yourszlf, upendo, Dai Dai on the 5th Floor, and more.

Harley is an NYU graduate and has engineered at WNYU 89.1FM. He's engineered for musicians such as MOZIAH, Murielle, Maũ and other local New York talents. Towards the end of his college career, he mixed the score for Christian Ghosn's thesis film Violent Nights.

He is in the process of writing and producing his debut mixtape as Swami Sound: At Night.

"The production and mastering are absolutely sublime."

- Amy Hurford on "Chances" by Maũ. via The Pit London

"Featuring cadenced production by Swami Sound, the track fuses world music with pop-R&B synths and atmospheric elements, such as birds chirping to mimic the start of a new day." - Ysabella Monton on "Felt Cute (Might Delete Later) by Murielle. via The Wild Honey Pie